Aspen Environmental Field Services, LLC was formed in 2004 serving as a multi-dimensional environmental consulting firm and service provider in the energy industry and beyond. Aspen services mid-size to large gas and utility companies in different facets including Environmental Inspection Services, Project Coordination, Project Compliance Management, Permit Acquisitions, NEPA Coordinations/EA Preparations, Stormwater Management, BMP Installations and Site Restoration. With offices in both southern Oregon and Grand Junction, Colorado, Aspen is located to respond with efficiency and promptness for consulting needs in the Western Rocky Mountain region and West Coast’s energy districts. Aspen’s company philosophy is to deliver excellence in environmental compliance management while taking a “common sense” approach to achieve compliance, thereby enabling us to meet our clients’ construction and budget goals. Every job Aspen has been involved with, we have embraced and worked hard to establish relationships with construction management and all parties involved to ensure that not only permit requirements are being met, but equally important, that environmental regulations are not posing as an obstacle to the collective goal of building the pipeline.

Criss Duncan - Owner, Director

Phone: 541.941.8253
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As the owner of Aspen Environmental, Mr. Duncan has been in the environmental compliance industry for over twelve years with a wide variety of compliance experience on linear construction projects. Over that time, Mr. Duncan has established a reputation of being a person with outstanding people skills while possessing a keen understanding for the work. During Mr. Duncan's professional tenure, he has served the role as Environmental Inspector, Lead Environmental Inspector, Environmental Coordinator, Contractor Environmental Coordinator, Environmental Project Manager and Director of Aspen Environmental's operations. Mr. Duncan has worked with most federal and state agencies including, FERC, BLM, USFS, CSLC and DOT while gaining considerable knowledge of the permitting and NEPA process. With a farm upbringing and strong agricultural background, Mr. Duncan understands how to achieve successful erosion control on large scale construction projects through the implementation of functional and practical reclamation strategies. Lastly, through a common sense approach and philosophy, Mr. Duncan has always been successful in bridging communication gaps between agency representatives and contractor staff to help assist in the timely completion of construction projects.

Mark Carlson - Senior Project Manager

Phone: 541.891.2834
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Mr. Carlson has served as a Senior Manager for Aspen Environmental since the Spring of 2008. Working in this capacity, Mr. Carlson has managed the environmental inspection staff on multiple pipeline projects in Western Colorado, managed and coordinated all permit acquisition projects and oversaw and managed the BMP Erosion Control installation crews. Prior to his role as manager with Aspen, Mr. Carlson served as a Senior Environmental Inspector on the Rockies Express Pipeline in Nebraska and served as Lead Environmental Inspector on both the Williston Basin Interstate's Missouri River Replacement Project in central North Dakota and on the Tres Palacio Pipeline in Southeast Texas; all of which were FERC regulated projects. In addition, Mr. Carlson brings extensive experience in natural resources and construction practices with over ten years of experience with the US Fish & Wildlife Service. With the USFWS, Mr. Carlson managed an extensive reclamation operation specializing in wetland mitigation, habitat development and general reclamation. Mr. Carlson has outstanding people skills and is a proven leader as he has served in a supervisory capacity for most of his professional career. Lastly, with Mr. Carlson's educational background in computer science, he possesses strong writing and computer skills with an emphasis in data base development and management.